Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeling hungry?

During the year that I spent in China, I encountered numerous unusual gastronomical experiences.

To give you a brief idea of the things I saw, attached is a short list:

In grocery stores, neither milk nor eggs were refrigerated.

Milk was preserved with a chemical called UHT, and it had a shelf life of roughly six months

Eggs were the most desirable when they were still covered with the mud that enclosed them underground, and a recent delicacy was the eggs that contained chicks partially formed inside.

The local grocery store had live chickens in cages in the back, which they would slaughter for you on the spot, and you got your fish the same way. However, you should be aware of the fact that “boneless and skinless” weren’t real popular concepts in China.

In restaurants, you had to pay for napkins, and a lot of the restrooms (which were also used by the cook staff) didn’t have toilet paper.

On menus, I saw donkey, snake, and bamboo rat, but I never ate any of them – to my knowledge.

I DID try ONE worm at a lunch once (after a few beers) because it looked like elbow macaroni, and (ultimately) it had the consistency of calamari.

Some of my friends admitted to eating dog and cat on occasion, which leads me to the point of this story.

China has no laws prohibiting the trading of cats, and the theft of family cats is a LARGE problem in the country. With that thought in mind, it's appropriate to close this story with the following video:

Bon appetit !!

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