Thursday, March 29, 2012

guns on campus in Arizona - the sequel

More than a few Arizona legislators have read my original thoughts on allowing guns on campus in Arizona. In addition, I also wrote three additional letters to various legislators in the Arizona House and Senate.

I also had help from a variety of sources.

The campus police of all three Arizona universities published a letter in the Arizona Republic, stating their opposition to the bill (SB 1474), and a large amount of effort was also expended by Arizonans for Gun Safety.

On Tuesday of this week, the bill’s sponsor (Ron Gould) announced that his bill was officially “dead on arrival’

The bill was written by, and supported by, The National Rifle Association, According to a 1999 survey, lawmakers and congressional staffers considered the NRA to be THE most influential lobbying group.

The only logical conclusion that I can come to is that we, the people, can actually influence the direction our country is going if we simply take the time to express our opinion.

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  1. Public opinion matters. Even more so, when you get "likes" and "shares" on a variety of social media.