Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I've got you, babe

Due to the rush of our daily activities, most of us missed the fact that one of our favorite performers just had a birthday not long ago. 

Cherilyn Sarkisian Bono Allman was born on May 20, 1946, which makes her 72 years old.

She first burst onto to the music scene in 1965, when she teamed up with Sonny Bono to form the duo known as “Sonny and Cher”. Right out of the box, their song, “”I’ve got you, babe” reached number one on the American and British charts. By the end of 1967, they had sold 40 million records worldwide, and became Time magazine’s “it” couple. Even before she married Sonny in 1969, she also embarked on a solo career in 1966, and in 1970, she started The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

After divorcing Sonny in 1975, she started performing in Las Vegas (in 1980), and she moved to Broadway in 1982. She started acting in films in 1983, when she debuted in “Silkwood” in 1983. “Mask” followed in 1985, and was followed by “Moonstruck”, for which she earned an Academy Award for Best Actress.

She continued to release records, , and she also continued to tour. Her 2002-2006 "Living Proof: The Farewell Tour” became one of the highest grossing tours of all time, earning $250 million. In 2008, she signed a three year deal with Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for $180 million, but she is not slowing down anytime soon. 

Later on this year, she will be performing in the film, “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again”, and she will also be traveling to Australia for another concert tour.  

In her career, Cher has won a Grammy, an Emmy, an academy Award, three Golden Globes, a Cannes Film Festival Award, and a special CFDA Fashion Award. 

Sharon and I saw Cher in concert once in Chicago, and the show was definitely worth the $75 admission price. It was almost worth that much just to see the costume changes, which occurred rapidly and frequently . 

Cher is another one of those classic “rags’ to riches” stories. 

Her father was an Armenian-American truck driver with drug and gambling
problems, and her mother was a was an occasional model and actress. Her father wasn’t around much when she was an infant, and her parents divorced when she was 10 months old. 

Her dad’s side of the family has a fair amount of gypsy blood, and her mother’s side was English, German, and Cherokee. For that reason, she has a strong personal connection to “gypsies, tramps, and thieves” and “half breed” . 

Just for fun, let’s listen to both of them again.

Happy birthday, Cher, and may you have a lot more of them in the future !

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