Sunday, June 2, 2013

Who is G.I. Joe ??

Long before the Hasbro toy company started to produced a series of action figures called “G.I. Joe” in 1964, the phrase was loosely defined to mean the ordinary guys (like my dad) who joined the military (either my volunteering or being drafted) to fight the fascists in WWII, or the Communists during the Korean War.

One of the guys who served during WWII was a man from Philadelphia, whose first name actually WAS Joe. Although his story isn’t a lot different from the stories of the 16,000,000 men and women who fought in WWII, you’ll discover that it has a stronger emotional pull than most of them.

In order to tell you more about his life history, I’m going to enlist one of the Oak Ridge Boysto tell it to you. His name is Joe Bonsall, and clicking on the link below will give you “the rest of the story”.

Joe and Lillie

Rest in peace, Joe.

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