Thursday, April 11, 2019

the Nazi in the White Houe

Before you start to hyperventilate, please note that I did not say that Donald Trump was a Nazi. However, if you view this picture

or this picture, 

you would likely come to the conclusion that there IS a similarity between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler – and you would not be wrong. 

Donald Trump is NOT a Nazi, but he IS a fascist. The sign below is posted at the U.S. Holocaust Museum on Washington, D.C.:

Donald Trump qualifies on all 12 items. 

Trump is officially the worst president that our country has ever had – and that’s not just my opinion. Here are a couple of sources to back up that claim:

On top of that, the majority of the people that he has nominated for various positions in his administration simply are not qualified for the position that they were nominated for. They are not necessarily evil people – they simply are not qualified for their position.

However, there actually IS one guy who really IS evil. If you wanted to quote scripture, this guy would be the devil incarnate, and he looks like this:

You may notice that he bears a striking resemblance to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, so let’s back up a step or two.
As a speechwriter for Trump, Miller helped write Trump's inaugural address. He has been a key adviser since the early days of Trump's presidency. An immigration hardliner, Miller was a chief architect of Trump's travel ban, the administration's reduction of refugees accepted to the United States, and Trump's policy of separating migrant children from their parents. On February 12, 2017, he appeared to question the power of the judiciary to limit the executive's role in setting immigration policy.
As a White House spokesman, Miller has on multiple occasions made false and unsubstantiated claims regarding widespread electoral fraud.
Joseph Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler's closest and most devoted associates, and was known for his skills in public speaking and his deeply virulent anti-Semitism, which was evident in his publicly voiced views. He advocated progressively harsher discrimination, including the extermination of the Jews in the Holocaust.
To celebrate Hitler's appointment as chancellor, Goebbels organized a torchlight parade in Berlin on the night of 30 January of an estimated 60,000 men, many in the uniforms of the SA and SS. The spectacle was covered by a live state radio broadcast, with commentary by longtime party member and future Minister of Aviation Hermann Göring. (The picture below was taken in Charlottesville in 2017).

Goebbels was particularly interested in controlling radio, which was then still a fairly new mass medium. Sometimes under protest from individual states (particularly Prussia, headed by Göring), Goebbels gained control of radio stations nationwide, and placed them under the Reichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft (German National Broadcasting Corporation) in July 1934. (Today, trump just says it’s all “fake news”. )

The irony of Stephen Miller’s hard line immigration policy is that his family has GREATLY benefited from our county’s immigration policies. His uncle, David Glosser, goes into more detail in the link shown below.

For that matter, Donald Trump has also benefited from our immigration policies. Both his first, and his current wife, were immigrants. In addition, his mother was an immigrant from Scotland, and his paternal grandfather was an immigrant from Germany. Since he is now opposed to “chain migration”, it is worth noting that his in-laws from Slovenia are now citizens due to the chain migration policy. 

On Monday of this week, Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota went on record as saying that Stephen Miller “is a white nationalist”.  Soon after her comments were made public, the right-wing hate machine -- including Donald Trump himself -- has pounced on her, accusing her of targeting and “assaulting” Jews. Here is Trump’s tweet:

I see that the head of the Farrakhan Fan Club, @IlhanMN, took a short break from spewing her usual anti-Semetic bigotry today to accuse a Jewish man of being a “white nationalist” because she apparently has no shame.

She has already received death threats, which so far have led to the arrest of Patrick Carlineo of New York.

On Monday of this week, Trump told Stephen Miller that he was “in charge of his administration’s immigration policy. CNN reports Trump recently told border officials in Southern California to not allow migrants into the country because the U.S. doesn’t “have the room.” Along with Nielsen’s departure, the administration ousted Secret Service Director Randolph Alles and may force out the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Lee Francis Cissna. 

Ironically, our government also told the passengers of the S.S. St. Louis in 1939 that we did not have room for them. As a result of our action, roughly 25% of the passengers ultimately perished in Nazi concentration camps.

The absence of a coordinated policy process has allowed the most extreme administration voices to fill the vacuum. Miller has all but become the face of the issue, a development that even supporters of Trump’s “zero-tolerance” position say is damaging the White House. “Stephen actually enjoys seeing those pictures at the border,” an outside White House adviser said. “He’s a twisted guy, the way he was raised and picked on. There’s always been a way he’s gone about this. He’s Waffen-SS.”

Miller's own family is furious over his policies. Nathan's uncle, David Glosser has been especially critical of the Trump administration. This is what HE had to say recently:

 “Despots divide and rule by blaming vulnerable minorities for all of society’s ills,” he wrote last month. “They promise prosperity, order, and a resumption of a mythical great past era from which they claim authority….’I am the only one who can lead the nation forward and make us great again!’ was the rant of Mussolini, Hitler, and a host of other tyrants since time immemorial.”


A resumption of a mythical great past era from which they claim authority sounds a lot like this:

Since Stephen Miller did not have to confirmed by Congress for his current position, he is likely to remain in his current position for the duration of Trump’s presidency.

If you squint real hard, you could probably envision Trump in a Nazi uniform (see below) which would not necessarily be totally accurate:

The picture below, though, is “right on the money”:

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